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The following are all of the stamps I have earned at livejournal stamping communities over the years. I have a bit of an addiction to applying to these things. <3

Categorized by fandom category first (where applicable), and then community.


[ profile] hogwartsishome

enchanted_elite on DreamWidth

[ profile] hogwarts_elite

[ profile] sortingmore

[ profile] blackhole_stamp

[ profile] hp_stamps

[ profile] slugandjiggers

[ profile] fawkes_reunion

[ profile] hat_sorting

[ profile] hogwartssorting

[ profile] hogwartsstamp

[ profile] hogwarts_unity

[ profile] hp_ratings

[ profile] lumos_sorting

[ profile] potterstamps

[ profile] sortinghallows

[ profile] sortingitout

[ profile] stamped_hp

[ profile] wingardium_sort

[ profile] wizardingworld_


[ profile] animate_babes

[ profile] animationstamps

[ profile] disney_heroines

[ profile] dn_rating

[ profile] dn_stamps

[ profile] furuba_rate

[ profile] gravirating

[ profile] hetalia_rate

[ profile] kuro_rating

[ profile] mlp_stamps

[ profile] nightshade_rate

[ profile] ouranstamping

[ profile] ouran_stampingz

[ profile] pixar_stamps

[ profile] pokeanime_rate

[ profile] pokemontwinn

[ profile] poke_stamps

[ profile] souleater_rate

[ profile] vgames_stamps

[ profile] _zelda_rating


[ profile] mockingjaystamp

[ profile] potc_stamping

[ profile] sweeney_rate


[ profile] animal_stamps

[ profile] astrologystamps

[ profile] blackhole_stamp

The following are awards I have won over the years across the internet. Most will be from [ profile] hogwartsishome


[ profile] hogwartsishome

[ profile] gryff_lions

Only Gryffindor Voldemort Ever Feared Most Gryffindor Pride


[ profile] hogwartsishome

[ profile] gryff_lions

Best Fanartist

[ profile] sortingmore

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